is a HOT Rap Group!

Do it yourself is not the same thing as getting it done yourself. Record Labels want to talk to your Manager.
Mr. Cohen the manager can help you.

These items that have been done but are not limited to

The creation of the WEBSITE is complete.
The Registration Of The Copyrights is complete.
The registration of the Publishing Company with ASCAP is complete.

The conversion of the music submitted to us and converted to MP3 files is complete.
The creation of the Promotional Reel and Trailer are complete.
The submission of the Press Package to 30 different Record Labels is complete.

The introduction of the single to Record Pools and DJs is complete.
The Registration and Licensing through SEASAC is complete.
The single has been introduced to both Industry publications and Magazine.

The video has been introduced to both Network and Cable Television Stations.
The business plan has been drafted for Investors.
The Letter Of Intent has been drafted for Potential Sponsors.

The Letter For Endorsements has been drafted.
The Letter Of Content for the Artistís material has been drafted.
The Press Release on the single has been drafted.

The Performance Contract from the Artist to Promoter has been drafted.
The escrow account from Promoters and Nightclubs was created on the Artists behalf.
The Insurance Waiver for damages during a performance is now in place.

A Bond has been established for trespasses on the artistís behalf.
Musical clearance has been obtained on behalf of the artist.
A Letter for Promotional Consideration has been drafted on behalf of the artist.

Letters of indemnification have been sent off to MTV, BET, and VH1.
We obtained a media buyer for the artists to be placed on TV and cable television.

We have procured the Models Release form.
The Return On Investment letter has been drafted with the guarantees in place.

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